This study adopted a qualitative research approach. The phenomenon of sadomasochism has been approached from different perspectives, for us the gaze of their own representatives and practitioners takes greater importance, since “the reality that matters is what people perceive as important”7. Our interest was based on producing descriptive data derived from semi-structured in-depth interviews with […]
The participants of this study emphasized that to carry out these practices, a series of steps must be followed. In the first place, it is essential that both people are healthy,East London Mistress both mentally and physically, which implies, among some things, having emotional stability, not being upset, not being depressed, etc. Second, the practice […]
When speaking of agreement and consent, we consider it necessary to mention the limits, which are defined by the participants as the maximum point of pain that a person reaches or as any sexual practice that is excluded from the tastes and preferences contemplated in the agreement, when we speak We speak of limits in […]
This alternative way of practicing sexuality involves a series of unconventional hobbies,Black London Mistress and they do share the consensus and acceptance of the participants. The BDSM, refers to the set of fantasies and erotic practices, bondage and discipline; domination and submission; and sadism and masochism. This alternative way of practicing sexuality involves a series […]
They have tied me up. He wanted it with absolute devotion. And I loved it.I asked for it myself. I volunteered yelling Yoooo! When they proposed it. Forty eyes looking at me simultaneously, perhaps surprised to see me anxious to be tied up, but that’s the way it was, and I assure you that the […]
Do you like stronger sex and do you go beyond conventional sexual practices? So what you are looking for are BDSM toys . In addition, in our  BDSM initiation guide you will have everything you need if you want to introduce yourself to the pleasures of these very pleasant sexual practices. The practices of bondage, […]
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