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Do you like stronger sex and do you go beyond conventional sexual practices? So what you are looking for are BDSM toys . In addition, in our  BDSM initiation guide you will have everything you need if you want to introduce yourself to the pleasures of these very pleasant sexual practices.

The practices of bondage, domination, submission and masochism , better known by its acronym BDSM, are a series of games and activities that go beyond the traditional sexual act.

What do we understand by BDSM or bondage toys?

BDSM toys include a series of bonds with which one person gives himself to another, with care and responsibility . For these sexual practices ropes, Dominatrix London handcuffs , necklaces and any object that allows the immobility of the submissive is used.

Bondage vs. sado vs. submission

It is important to note that a bondage sexual practice is not the same as a sadomasochistic practice. In BDSM games, the pleasure lies in the submissive’s surrender and domination, not the pain ; On the other hand, in sadomasochism the pleasure is found in the pain, controlled, that the dominant provides to the submissive person.

In both cases, there are certain limits that it is essential to know ; but as we can see, these practices differ fundamentally in pain.

Types of bondage toys

Although these sexual practices have been carried out for centuries, it is important to note that, today, there are many types of bondage toys . Regardless of whether you are a beginner, amateur or expert, if you want to enjoy the best BDSM toys, it is best that you acquire them in Erotic World.

For starters

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with small kits that allow you to do a basic session with your partner. These packages usually include: handcuffs, masks and gags, ribbons and blindfolds. In addition, with our  guide to get started in BDSM you can know everything you need to carry out a safe and pleasant sexual practice.

For amateurs

Once you have passed from being a beginner, you can continue with these games for the immobilization of the couple or go a little further:

  • BDSM clothing : latex and leather dresses.
  • Strings : they are used to practice more advanced ties.
  • Nipple clamps : pain and pleasure mix and turn into a sensation of indescribable pleasure.
  • Suckers : these models absorb the desired area and the experience obtained is much more pleasant.
  • Whips and whips : These are often used for the buttocks.

For experts

Here are some of the BDSM toys that are designed for experts  in BDSM practices and with which you will get much more intense sessions:

  • Erotic swings .
  • Rope for the testicles.
  • Anal and vaginal specula.
  • Restraint bars : to tie another person, although they allow little mobility.
  • Toys with electrostimulation : they emit low Dominatrix London frequency electrical impulses.
  • Chastity belts.

Enjoy bondage according to the SSC theory

BDSM is a success because it allows both members of the couple to become uninhibited and forget about boring and traditional sex, although it also has its own limits. It is essential to perform BDSM sexual practice while maintaining the SSC theory; that is, sex has to be safe, sensible and consensual.

Limits of bondage

The unbreakable streak of bondage is pain ; even so, there are other limits whose objective is to guarantee that this experience is pleasant and safe for the couple:

  • Ties : you must choose quality products, such as those you can find in a specialized sex shop such as Mundo Erótico. This way, you will know that the submissive person is enjoying it safely.
  • Security Word : It’s important to decide on a keyword that the sub can say or do if you want to stop at some point
  • Consent : essential. You both have to want to do it and agree to it. You can’t do it just to please your partner.
  • Communication : you have to have it before, during and after the sexual encounter.
  • Neck : Forget about tying the sub’s neck.
  • Trust : it is important that you do it with someone you trust, not with strangers.
  • Little by little : you cannot start trying to do impossible stunts, you must go little by little and get the necessary experience.
  • Variety : changing your position will help you get an extra boost of motivation.
  • Do not leave the submissive person alone : the dominant must untie her as soon as you finish; therefore, it is important to always have a pair of scissors nearby.
  • If you like hard sex and want to experiment with sex with your partner, it is best to start with erotic toys; don’t wait any longer and discover the limits of sex.


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